Lindsey Frances Illustration


Frida Kahlo's Casa Azul at The New York Botanical Garden


A few weekends back to celebrate we made the trip from Brooklyn to the Bronx for the Frida Kahlo Casa Azul exhibit at The New York Botanical Gardens, a replica of the artist's home in Mexico City.  I've always loved Frida Kahlo, a bad ass feminist artist, so it was a perfect time to travel to a part of New York City I've never explored. The exhibit was colorful and spirited, cementing my desire to make a trip to the real thing in Mexico City someday.

It was the first time I had even been to botanical gardens, too. I didn't get to see enough of the grounds because of the August heat but I did get lost in the wooded area a bit, finding the Bronx River. I'll definitely be back for the fall colors.

Afterwards, in that combination of summer humidity meets late afternoon hunger, we ate thin pizza and calamari on Arthur Ave at delicious classic Neopolitan  Zero Otto Nove. I need to venture back up to the Italian enclave of the Belmont section of the Bronx because many stores (naturally) were closed on Sunday when we made the adventure. Next time: Addeo and Sons!