Lindsey Frances Illustration


A New Year, A Free 2018 Printable Calendar



Every New Year's day I always go out for a long walk and I always get a calendar to hang up in our apartment. This year, in the absolute bitter cold, we made our way from pancakes at Spring Natural Kitchen on the Upper West Side to keep this tradition going. The walk wasn't as long this year, though. It was more of a freezing huddle dance as we looked at the frozen over Central Park reservoir.  After a subway ride where icicles were hanging inside the subway tunnels like ominous reminders winter is not messing around this time, we made it to The Strand. It was absolutely stuffed full of people all looking for somewhere warm to go. It's the best place to spend any afternoon, full of tourists or not.

I decided this year to make my own calendar, changing the routine a bit. I always want a calendar for home as well as my office at work, so it seemed like a good time to just use my sketchbook as an inspiration so I could print multiple versions, hanging them up with washi tape wherever I desire. Perhaps it is now a new tradition?

If you're looking for a free printable 2018 calendar too, feel free to download the PDF.

Happy 2018!