Lindsey Frances


Long Live the Bodega

You know what's great about New York? The bodega. The corner store. The deli. You can pick your name of choice.

I love being able to buy a single diet coke with a straw anywhere, at any time. I love egg and cheese as a universal deli rite. I drink lowbrow coffee, with no shame, from my bodegas. Give me a small hot coffee with no sugar, thank you very much.  Even if I'm in a current battle with my deli by my work office (how do you mess up a simple turkey sandwich so many times?) I can't imagine living in New York without them. I'll keep coming back, always trying to make the credit card minimum.

I loved this story from the past year from NPR on the bodega. It's neat to think of them as also cultural institutions that change with people and places, passing down through families, and making their mark of New York City.