Lindsey Frances


Mexico City in Four Days

Mexico City is very close to the United States. I know that seems like such a silly thing to say but I really had no idea you could fly to there so quickly. I'd never been to Mexico, either, not even for a beach vacation so I was pretty excited for our trip. Given how terrible our country is currently treating Mexico, I think no time is better than now to appreciate our very close North American neighbor for being a diverse, beautiful, and worthy country.

I learned in plotting this trip that flights to Mexico City are pretty stable. They'll rarely go lower than the mid-250's for round trip from New York (a good deal) but they'll always hover around mid 300's (not so bad.)

We flew Delta though Volaris has a lot of great budget flights. My favorite part of the flight is the descent because the city is built in a former lake bed with mountains surrounding it. As someone who is afraid of flying, I weirdly loved having a window seat for watching this descent. The airport feels very much part of the city too, so it's like you're landing next to skyscrapers.

The best time to go seems to be between March and June, so we went at the end of March. The weather was to die for. It would get sunny during the day, and coolish at night. It was bright and verdant. All the jacaranda trees in the city were blooming, a serendipitous coincidence in Condesa, a trendy and leafy neighborhood where we spent a lot of time in. The streets were lined with large, tropical trees and bright townhouses. It reminded me of parts of Los Angeles.

Our trip was short but very relaxing. I'd love to go back to Mexico to take a few excursions farther from the city, to explore Oaxaca or the Yucatan. Eating my weight in regional foods of Mexico is now very high on my bucket list!

To Stay

We stayed at a bed and breakfast called Condesa Haus.  Most nights we stayed in that neighborhood as well because it's home to a lot of food and nightlife.  Ubers are very cheap in CDMX though, and the best way (I think) to get around for a visit. I've heard good and mixed things about the subway, and the usual "be careful of your things" which applies to similar cities here too.

To Eat and Drink:

Hand's down the best thing we did was eat and appreciate the cuisine.

My highlight was splurging on a walking guided food tour with Eat Mexico. Our guide was charming and knowledgable, getting us to try a variety of things we'd not have experienced on our own: pulque, mole, tlacoyos, grasshoppers, regional fruits, and more.

We splurged on two fancy restaurants that expanded what we were expecting of cuisine in Mexico City. The first, Contramar, is well known. We opted for the tuna tostadas and  large grilled fish to share with mezcal margaritas there. The ambience was perfect for a fancier meal. The seafood is very fresh in CMDX because the city is the central depot for fish throughout the country. As well, we dined at the trendy Roma restaurant Fonda Fina.

For budget dining, we loved tacos al pastor at El Tizoncito. I could live off of those alone really. We also ate at a few markets, including the newer and hipper Mercado Roma and the bountiful Mercado Coyoacan.

We had a drink in the old school La Opera Bar, as well as a drink with a view at the Miralto, both located in the Centro Historico. We spent severals nights back by our bed and breakfast sipping mezcal at Botica in Condesa. One night we splurged for the rooftop bar at hotel Condesa DF.

Dessert had to be Churreria El Moro.

To See and Do:

CDMX is full of sights but we didn't have a bunch of time, so we decided to see the classics and murals of Palacio Nacional and Belles Artes, and take respite in the Metropolitan Cathedral.

Chaultepec offered lush trees and multiple things to see during long walks including the anthropology museum and an open air bookstore and cafe. We walked the neighborhoods of Condesa, Roma, Polanco, and Centro Historico a lot to. A day trip brought us to Coyoacan for Frida's house and the market. If and when we revisit, I'd like to stay in Coyoacan, the area was so friendly and bright.