The Art of Dog Watching in New York City

This morning I pet a really beautiful old hound-like dog inside a tiny coffee shop called Boxkite. He was waiting with his owner by her window seat, just smiling and slowly wagging his tail up at her as she sipped along. He's definitely my best friend now.

I love dogs. I love dogs in New York City more. I don't have a dog (someday when I'm actually in my apartment after work I will) so I take it upon myself to talk to dogs on the street either in my head or in real life. It's a real life fan fic I'm writing all the time about the dogs of the city.

My favorite places to watch dogs have to be the neighborhoods on both sides of Central Park. The west and east side are full of wealthy and funny people with an arrangement of weird and wonderful dogs. I love the families on Madison Avenue taking out their giant lumbering dogs for walks. It's like you know they must have an equally giant apartment to house such a majestic creatures that would take up the entire space of my kitchen table. I'm also a fan of posh looking senior ladies with extremely tiny dogs wearing boots in the rain. I would wear those boots too!

The Washington Square Dog Run is my favorite go to dog run for watching when it's warm. Its got this great little platform bench by the trees, which makes for prime interactions between the small and large dogs that jump up onto the perch.

I also love the Halloween dog parades, those in Carl Schurz and Tompkins Square park.

When in doubt though, I get my Instagram dog fix on The Dogist.

I hope it's not creepy I'm just watching your dogs, people of New York.