Sketchbook Scenes from a Weekend Trip to Florida


Southwest Florida is a funny place, sort of sleepy and filled with a lot of mid-western feeling plazas compared to the frenetic Latin American vibe of Miami. But the area can be beautiful when you’re lounging on the gulf coast, especially in Naples. The water is azure with very gentle waves and the sand is soft beige white mix just asking you to stay a while. Since we go down there at least twice a year for the parents, I’m starting to see the qualities of this sleepier part of Florida of it that I like rather than those I don’t. Being able to paint at the beach, day dreaming I’m on the Cote Azur for a little bit, is always a nice perk of some late winter sun on a would be work day.

To do:
Get some sun.
Baleen in Naples to get a beach table with a fire pit and watch the sunset,
Vanderbilt beach in Naples especially because the Ritz Carlton serves tiki drinks on the sand even if you’re not staying,
Eat a blackened grouper sandwich. mmm.

Free Watermelon Desktop Background for July

New York City is experiencing a heat wave this week that I've taken off from work to putz around both at home in Massachusetts and in the emptied out city. It's meant a lot of moving from subway car to subway car until I find the actually cold one, as well as a deep appreciation rain today.

For July forth, I didn't do much in the way of celebratory, besides margaritas for dinner and watching the distant Jersey City fireworks from the 79th street pier. But I'm fully in support of doing nothing for holidays. 

I don't think I've taken enough time to appreciate a staycation in New York, especially in the summer. Right now I'm nursing a bad burn from a day trip yesterday to Sandy Hook beach, watching the World Cup, and making art in my air conditioned apartment. Later I think I'll venture out, maybe buy some watermelon, and get my nails done. I love a lazy, summer life in New York City (even if for just a few days.)

Download a free watermelon desktop wallpaper for July.