Ruminating on Tokyo Street Style

Tokyo_Street_Style Am I turning into one of those people, those Americans, obsessed with Japan? Every time an artist I follow on Instagram makes it to Tokyo I go crazy with a fury of likes, wistful stares at rain-soaked alleys of izakayas.

It's no wonder that though my trip was last fall, I keep sketching and thinking about what I did, saw, and ate in Japan. Just recently I remembered I bought a few style magazines in the airport for all the wonderful Tokyo street style images. I've been sketching the silhouettes of Harajuku-styled women from their pages lately.

The best street style was of course found around Harajuku and then Shibuya. But I also just enjoyed the understated everyday look of Japanese women. Observing the culottes, the exaggerated shapes, the love of back packs and sneakers was enough of a reason to wander the city, stopping on benches, lingering in department stores.

Thankfully Kinokuniya by Bryant Park stocks a million and one Japanese fashion magazines.